Shoulder Fractures - Carrollton TX
Dr Mitchell F. Fagelman is a renowned shoulder specialist in Carrollton TX, providing hands on treatment for shoulder conditions including trauma and fractures. The orthopedic doctor also specializes in complex shoulder surgery.

Shoulder Fractures

The shoulder is made up of three major bones, namely the Scapula, Clavicle and Humerus. These bones are joined with a number of muscles, tendon and ligaments. Any trauma can cause these bones to crack or break and this is termed as shoulder fracture. Shoulder fracture is an extremely painful condition and any sudden blow or fall on the arm or some other impact causes a huge damage to the muscles and tendons in the shoulder. The condition is quite common among sports persons and athletes.

Causes of Shoulder Fractures

  • Trauma injuries
  • Falling from height while playing or doing certain adventurous activities
  • Direct blow to the shoulder
  • Collision
  • Any accident that gives high energy blow to the shoulder
  • Violent attacks with weapons or something hard

Symptoms of Shoulder Fractures

  • Sudden pain while moving arm
  • Extreme pain that spreads throughout the joint and arm
  • Swelling around the shoulder and neck area
  • Bruising
  • Shoulder is not able to bear any pressure or strain
  • Deformity in joints  
  • Inability to move the shoulder

Diagnosis of Shoulder Fractures

To offer appropriate treatment, orthopedic doctor often examines the shoulder. He checks the position of the shoulder to assess the damage and the deformity. Besides looking for additional injuries, the doctor treats soft tissues that are often damaged along with shoulder fracture such as wounds, abrasions and muscular trauma. The orthopedic doctor often recommends CT scan, X-ray and MRI tests, which produce images of the shoulder and inform about the extent of damage.

Treatment for Shoulder Fractures

When you visit your orthopedic doctor, he will first try to bring the affected part in the right position and restore the arm movement. Simple sling works for most of the fractures as it helps in keeping the shoulder in place and promotes healing. Though initially the orthopedic doctor recommends not moving the shoulder; however, after some time, they suggest the patient to start moving the shoulder so that it does not become stiff. Some stretching exercises are also recommended until complete shoulder motion returns and it may take a few months to a year for the shoulder to recover completely. If the condition does not improve with the non-surgical methods, then the patient has to go for surgical treatment.

While rehabilitating the patient needs to take rest. He/she should follow the instructions and take the pain medications prescribed to control the pain. To prevent shoulder fractures, people should avoid high-risk activities and sports such as rock climbing, skydiving, car racing, etc.  If they want to participate in these sports, then they should wear protective gears to keep themselves safe.

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